As if photographing someones big day wasn’t stressful enough, I then discover that the latest tool of keeping current and reaching an audience is blogging. really? if i wanted to write i’d be a writer, please, can i just take photos? No? Ok, well I am writing this now so I’m definitely current, I don’t know what potential clients would be looking for reading the blog of a photographer but if i must i can assure them (you?) that your booking with me is guaranteed to give you a photographer who will do his best, to work hard and long hours to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end results. But then don’t all photographers offer that?, i have yet to see an advert stating “book us for your wedding/portraits/christening/engagement etc and we might turn up, if we like you we will check we have a card in the camera before we start, we will miss all the important shots, eat way too much of your buffet and upset one or both sets of families.”

Photographers should have an air of mystery about them so I’ll try and be careful about how much i give away on here, i assume part of the ‘keeping current’ is letting the good folk know what we are up to, so I am a full time care home manager and part time photographer, its become an almost obsessive hobby of which i am fiercely proud. I have taken to going out every weekend and trying to get new and interesting shots, occasionally revisiting different places at different times and checking on my own improvements, I do have a website, Facebook page, Google+ page and various other outlets to showcase my work and try and encourage paying clients to chance me the opportunity to impress the hell out of them but i am lucky enough that I don’t need to rely on it, part of me wants to be full time as a tog but i doubt it would ever be stress free so I’m happy to carry on as I am for now.

so I think I’m done. First Phoblog out the way and not even thinking what I will write for the next one, maybe start a little series of ‘shots of the week’ or something.
Thanks for sticking around if you made it this far and i hope you check out all my other pages and website etc.

Love, B.

One thought on “Phoblography?

  1. David McNally

    That just about covers it Brian! Eloquent with a keyboard as you are with a camera it seems. I still fondly remember the ace job you did on my wedding day last August, me and the mrs often pull out those photos to have a marvel. You were creative, engaging and professional and we really love the memories you’ve given us to treasure.



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