Phoblography 4

Just looking on Facebook and there’s a current trend of posting a first ever profile pic which got me thinking of other first evers, I have a shot from Braemar, if I knew anything about blogging a could probably post it in this article but as I don’t I’ll move on, it’s the first pic I took on my first DSLR after many happy years with a point and shoot Samsung NV3, so I thought about my first outing with the NV3 and I’m now cringing with embarrassment at the memory that has gushed back into my head. About 10 years ago The daughter of a friend of my ex’s had an engagement party so I photographed it and made her a wee video with a music soundtrack, she absolutely loved it and a few months later decided it was enough to appoint me as her wedding Videographer let me repeat that, a bunch of photographs played over a take that soundtrack gave someone the confidence to ask me to VIDEO their wedding. First problem? I don’t have a video camera. Second problem? I am not a videographer. Kind of the only two problems you need in this situation really. So to cut a long story short the outcome was surprisingly better than I expected, the biggest downfall was the bride wanted the vows part of the ceremony caught on microphone which was impossible given that the camera (she arranged for me to get) did not work on the battery and had to be continuously plugged into power about 75 feet from the alter. Then the thing happened, that’s only recently occurred to me. When I was editing the video I asked them to give me some pointers on what music they liked, I was told the groom liked the Godfather and I set about creating a noir style intro to the video in black and white with intercutting scenes of people entering the church and little snippets of guests talking as they went in, I was rather proud of it as a piece of artful filmmaking especially as it was among my first but it’s now dawning on me that the godfather is a long movie and in that movie there are people and some of those people get married 😊 and yes I now realise that the music the groom was referring too was the happy wedding music and not the dark horse-head-in-bed creepy theme music I had attached to the opening of the video. Suffice it to say I have never done or attempted videography again, hopefully I won’t encounter any similar rebound memories from my photography outings but if I do you’ll be the first to know.

B xx

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