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Phoblography 5

A year and half between blogs isn’t too bad, is it?  What can I say I’ve been busy lol, even when I stared the blogs I was going through things I wasn’t ready to share but so far it’s worked out great.  I split up with my wife and eventually met someone else, we got on well, she already had 2 kids so we went slow for 6 months or so as we felt it wouldn’t be fair on the kids to meet me if I wasn’t going to be hanging around. And now we’re married, yay. 

So who does a photographer get to photograph their wedding? I admit I did consider doing it myself with a remote but that was a (very) fleeting thought so I turned to my friend Paul, I knew he had a similar style to mine and similar misgivings about ability but given that neither my new wife or I are particularly eager to get our photo taken (in fact, despite 3 years together, our wedding was the first time we had been photographed together), we knew we could trust Paul to do a great job and we would never be disappointed with the outcome. So it was a great day and we loved the pictures and it really gave me an insight into what my clients expect from me. It’s a huge responsibility and one that has to last longer than anything else on the day (except of course for the actual marriage, lol), flowers die, cars go away, the dinner and buffet are polished off, the dj packs up and goes home, the hotel checks you out and wishes you luck and the dress gets hung up in the wardrobe (or closet if this is being read in America) all that’s left are memories and it’s the photographers job to deliver these memories in an acceptable format, we hopefully get it right first time but usually there’s no problem making small adjustments if your clients want something a wee bit different, that black white one you love so much, for example, might just be better in colour for the client, its their day so of course it’s no problem providing both formats.  Usually I’ll make up a few different copies which can be printed at different sizes without the dreaded heads-cut-off scenario I’ve seen too often but I let my clients know I’m on the end of the phone or by email if they need any help. 

That’s another blog done.  Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back soon.

Love B xx