Phoblog 6 

Theoretically you can now use a smartphone for photography in place of a DSLR, I have indeed taken many a photo on my iPhone which has produced great results: 

(The above was taken at the Swan Pond in the grounds of Culzean Castle).

I have even theorised that a smartphone could be used on a professional shoot with similar striking results although I suspect that if you showed up to be paid for your work that you would be soundly booted out if you pulled out a phone instead of a ‘big camera’.  Recently I found myself with a decision to make; hassle myself with lugging a portion of my gear on holiday with me or leaving it behind and relying on my phone.  I chose the latter.  So, after flying off to Spain feeling like I’d lost a limb, I was determined to see if I could make a reality out of the theory.  I couldn’t.  The camera quality on the phone is outstanding I can’t deny that but the phone fits in my pocket, and stays there.  I saw the photo opportunities but I didn’t have the same desire to whip the phone out, it was a hassle I could do without and although I wanted to be having a relaxing holiday I knew that if I had brought my trusty K3 and a couple of decent lenses I’d have been more inclined to ‘get the shot’, a personal opinion, I know, but it was a bit of an eye opener for me and I, momentarily, regretted not taking it with me. I did have one laugh at myself, while deciding whether to take my camera I toyed with the idea of getting a action camera or at least a waterproof one but I opted instead to buy a waterproof camera case which promised 30 metres of waterproofness.  It took me 5 days to pluck up the courage to try it out and after a successful tissue test I bounded off for the pool hoping for a shoot that would make Shawn Heinrichs jealous.  I got to the pool, inserted my precious phone into the case and checked and double checked the seal (the seal on the case, there wasn’t a seal in the pool), you may be guessing where this is going but you’d be wrong.  The case was great and kept my phone completely dry and safe, the problem was, I can’t blooming see underwater 😳. Sure I can open my eyes and negotiate my way through the pool when I’m swimming but can I see enough to set up a shot? Can I see where the button is to take said shot?, the answer is no, no I cannot.  I emerged defeated from the watery pit, looking more like Wendy Craig than Daniel Craig but at least my phone was perfectly dry and safe.  I’ll need to see if I can me some prescription goggles for my next holiday. 

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